All of our products begin as a clay sculpture.  Flat back bodies are created as one large sculpture, while static and animated props usually involve multiple sculpted parts.  Once the sculpture is complete, a mold is made from the clay piece.  The mold is made of plaster, silicone, or fiberglass, depending on the size of the piece and the type of foam we want the finished piece to be made of.

After the clay is cleaned from the mold, foam and latex are used to make copies of the original clay sculpture.  For most characters arms, legs, heads, and bodies are all made separately and welded together in a dynamic pose.

After the character is welded together and all seams have been patched, the character is painted.  Glass eyes, hair and costumes are applied next.  Blood and slime are the final steps.  For animatronic characters, control boards are installed and programmed.  Each animatronic is inspected, tested, and fine tuned by Unit 70 staff.

Here are some before and after sculpture/finished product photos:




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